Ultimate Sweataway is not your average wellness retreat.

Award winning fitness expert, Beverley Cheng, and travel industry entrepreneur, Veronica Petcoff noticed a vacancy in the retreat market that combined their two passions - Fitness and Travel.
Ultimate Sweataway is an opportunity for like minded people to come together, participate in self development workshops, learn about physical and mental fitness, and explore destinations off the beaten track. 
The creative duo have built a strong community that joins them in unique destinations around the world for retreats full of workouts, workshops, and wellness. 
They find innovative ways for people to connect with themselves and with others, and all of their participants leave feeling uplifted, strong and part of a life long supportive community.
Beverley and Veronica have a stated intention of being a considerable part in not only Canada’s tourism recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, but the rehabilitation of their community’s mental and physical health following this pandemic. They know that the future of travel will start right here at home, in Canada, and are ready to help people get back on track!