Meet Your Trainers

We're here to bring you the best retreat, and we believe that starts with the best trainers. Our coaching team is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and love bringing people together through the power of fitness. They can accomodate for participants of all levels of training and capabilities.

You're in good hands with us.

head trainer

Beverley Cheng

Beverley is an award winning trainer and the co-founder of Ultimate Sweataway. After playing high level rugby for several years, she retired her cleats and got started in the fitness industry.

Her athletic background and high energy personality come together for a fun and exciting workout. She teaches you to move your body in a way that will energize and empower you, through a mixture of HIIT, Strength and Bodyweight training.

Beverley has coached and transformed thousands of clients over the years, and believes that the power of sweat can change your life for the better.

camp sweataway trainer

Ella Dove

Ella is a fitness professional with a wealth of experience in assisting and supporting people on their fitness journeys. She is passionate about helping others to realize their athletic potential whilst in a safe and encouraging environment. She is able to develop a training program that is effective and enjoyable no matter your starting ability. 

Ella believes that exercise is more than just movement, it’s an opportunity to overcome mental challenges, grow beyond our comfort zone and develop a new sense of appreciation for our incredible bodies.

Ella is on a mission to build a better you, be it mind or body.


Veronica Petcoff

Veronica is a travel industry marketing pro, and the co-founder of Ultimate Sweataway Inc. 

Travelling non-stop for over ten years, she thrives on finding unique places, and experiencing foreign culture. Veronica is your go-to for travel hot spots whether it's beautiful hotels, impressive restaurants or scouting the next retreat location.

Always up for an adventure, Veronica likes to travel off the beaten path, trying all sorts of interesting food, activities, and harvesting a community of new friends wherever she goes.  She believes that travel is more than just stamps in a passport, but a way to increase world education and personal morale. When Veronica is not travelling, she is focusing on running, cycling, hiking or planning her next road trip.